Time is Money


A doctor’s waiting room is the kind of place you find yourself flipping through the pages of a golf magazine. Credit cards and watches were the content of every other ad and practically every other page. Even as a non-golfer I was offended with the lack of putt  content.

Credit cards and watches..

The watch always struck me as the kind of thing that was pure status symbol, especially in  days where you can easily replace its functionality with another device. Who needs a watch? I  had a drawn out conversation with my brother once who  explained their symbolism as man’s relationship with technology. I found it to be an applaudable and romanticized justification for his fashion accessory hang-up.

I did some research into the history of the watch and to my surprise, they were once predominant among military men in order to synchronize maneuvers. While they may be a status symbol to some now, a part of their origin coincides with a cultural association of masculinity.

Flipping through the pages, I was annoyed by the blatant luxury propaganda but, it was strategic marketing. The arnold-palmer-sipping, leathered man whose idea of  travel is a golf weekend in Palm Springs might be swayed by the 24 karat, white gold Rolex he’s once seen on his favorite player. He can fantasize about it on himself. He can purchase a credit card to finance it. Then, when it’s quarter to six one lonesome night at the office, he can patiently watch it tick.


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