Feelings of  loneliness and isolation are ever present  in our interconnected and instantaneous age.  This blog is my attempt to connect and share a laugh with others.


Talk therapy might not be fully covered by your insurance, but this is free.





About the blogger:

I enjoy the study of Psychology and Philosophy. I try my hand at comedy in my free time. In the midst of painstakingly searching for answers I realized sometimes the wisest thing you can do is laugh. While my blog might indulge in some cynicism, overall, I want it to be a constructive and  thought provoking forum. Each week, in conjunction with any social critique, I will try to recommend a reading or activity. My mission is to contribute to the ever-growing  epiphany that despite even the best marketing ploys contentment is cheap- it’s easy- it’s free.

This blog was inspired by…

– A tedious and mindless desk job

Adbusters ; a literary magazine and culture jamming project

-Developments in the field of Psychology

– The voice of every inspiring e-thinker in an age of free information

-My own impulses to consume


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